Special Ties to Tilden

CaptureTildenAs an author, I can tell you that reviews are critical to the overall success of a book – and they’re each appreciated. However, a review such as the following touches my nostalgic heart! Hella Bauer, librarian at the Tilden Public Library wrote the following review for the Tilden Citizen newspaper:

I have a special treat for our readers. The House Guest: Pathway to Persuasion by Deborah L. Norris was written by an author who has special ties to Tilden and the surrounding area. Even though this story is fictional, the author based her novel on stories she learned from her father and grandparents. Her father, Vern Gunderson, was born in Petersburg, NE but spent a great deal of the time with his grandparents, Olaf and Ingeborg Gunderson, in Tilden between the years 1926 – 1942. He is now in his late 80’s and still has very vivid memories of Tilden. The house of his grandparents, demolished in the early 1990’s, was built outside of Tilden in 1905.

Based on the above information the author created a wonderful fictional story. Maggie Anderson Davis, a middle-aged widow, lives with her nine-year-old daughter, Jenna, in an old Victorian mansion just three miles from Tilden. She inherited the house and the surrounding quarter section of land from her grandparents. The house also serves as a bed-and-breakfast. After the tragic death of her husband, Maggie finds lots of support from her dear friends, Doc and Anna Bouchard of Omaha. They used to live in Tilden. There is also her good friend and neighbor, Lee, who has a good heart but loves to gossip and have a negative opinion about every topic that is discussed around the kitchen table. She was my favorite character in the story. The kitchen table was the center where all the characters gathered and discussed the latest news, gossip, and also gave each other support. One day they welcome a new guest into their group. Maggie rents him a room on the third floor of the mansion. Noah and his dog, Lobos, become a very important part of the story. Of course being a librarian I like to repeat a quote by an old retired librarian in this story: “You can sit comfortable in your local library, and still be in all corners of the world”. Places in Tilden, like the “Café”, the mortuary, the school, are mentioned which makes this fictional story so much more real to readers – especially to those from the local area. The ending of the story is not what I expected – it was a complete surprise.

If you are looking for some very enjoyable and relaxed reading check out The House Guest by Deborah L. Norris. You will find it on the round shelf with the new arrivals.

2 thoughts on “Special Ties to Tilden

  1. What a great review from the Tilden Librarian – it makes me want to head to my local library except it’s a new building & Does NOT have the nostalgic atmosphere

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