The House Guest Review

Victorian CornerDeborah L. Norris’s The House Guest, is a warm and uniquely rich story that shares the depths of family bonds and friendships, joys and sorrows, life and death. This book follows a widow, Maggie, throughout her life from birth to after death, giving readers a full glance into her laughs, tears, thoughts and everything in between. We watch, in a front row seat, as she deals with losing those closest to her, raising her daughter, Jenna, putting up with ungrateful freeloaders, and even finding love again. But she doesn’t do it alone! All throughout this book, we are introduced to some amazingly, well-developed characters whom anyone would grow to love. Readers will get a clear sense of what each characters bring to the book, whether it is warmth, laughter, love or greed. Each of the characters stood out on their own, but I’ve reserved a couple of them as my favorites; those being Lee, Noah and Anna. And who wouldn’t love a pet like Lobos! Lee is a clear favorite who made me laugh on too many occasions with her witty humor, perspectives and slamming doors. Noah burrowed deeply into my heart because even through his past, he still came out a hard-worker and sweetheart. Anna is such a gentle-loving soul whom reminds me so much of my own grandmother and for that, she will always be a favorite.  Another thing The House Guest offered was the quotes by the author in the beginning of each chapter. My favorite quote being, “The earth graciously supplies enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but there will never be enough to satisfy every man’s greed.”

Overall, this book had me feeling as though I was sitting at the table with them sharing their conversations, shedding tears as I felt their grief, laughing along with them and wanting to take a bite of those delicious sounding oatmeal cookies! I was thoroughly engaged with the book and would highly recommend to any and all who enjoy laughing and sharing conversations with family and friends at any meal! ~ EBReviews

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