Deborah L. Norris


Deborah L. Norris has written hundreds of short stories and articles on health, emotional wellness, family, and cultural history. Norris’s novel, The House Guest captures in colorful, humorous fashion actual events, cultural mindsets, and obvious proclivities surrounding her own family and personal life experiences.

Deborah’s expressive writing style quickly engages her readers and encourages them to sit back and enjoy an often nostalgic, magical journey.

She and her husband Quincy have grown children and numerous, delightful grandchildren.  They are happily retired in beautiful Boise, Idaho where she continues a passion for writing.

4 thoughts on “Deborah L. Norris

  1. Happy for Debbie & excited to read entire novel in my comfy rocker with a good cup of coffee
    Cousin Karen

  2. Debbie I’m so excited for you!!!! I’m bringing my copy to Boise this summer for you to sign! I think a nice cup of “iced” joe will be in order. Love you heaps~ Juanita

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