Kindness is Healthy

Little girl gives money to the beggar.

One of the most fascinating research findings to surface in recent years is the fact that whenever a simple act of kindness is extended by one human being to another, it results in a noteworthy improvement of the immune system and an increased production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness, and the person extending the act of kindness. What’s even more amazing is that persons observing the act of kindness also experience a similar strengthening of the immune system and increased production of serotonin! Kindness is a win-win scenario for all concerned – giver, receiver and observer.


The House Guest Audio Edition

The  House GuestrevisionI’m very happy to announce the upcoming release of an audio edition of The House Guest, which will be available in about two weeks on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

The true inspiration for the production of this audio edition is my sweet Mama, who has always been an avid reader through the years. She has also shown tremendous support and encouragement for my writing endeavors. Since the recent deterioration of her eyesight, I wanted to provide her with an enjoyable alternative to the hardcover copy of The House Guest. The audio edition will be available in time for her 89th birthday!

You’re sure to enjoy the pleasant and animated voice of actress Maria Hostage as she narrates The House Guest. Travel with her to 1950s Nebraska and follow the many delightful characters in this heartwarming story.


Review of The House Guest

Front PorchThe House Guest, a novel by Deborah L. Norris, opens in 1935 in Tilden, Nebraska. Readers are introduced to a young girl named Maggie who is eagerly greeting company. Homemade strawberry ice cream will be served later and she is excited. Sadly, the day ends with a tragedy. The story then jumps ahead to 1959 and Maggie is now a middle-aged widow living in a large manor with her young daughter. The heart of the Victorian home is the kitchen and it is around the kitchen table where Maggie, her friends and guests gravitate to eat and converse. No subject is forbidden and everyone participates. Opinions are expressed (some more strongly than others), memories are shared and a great deal of coffee and cookies are consumed.

Maggie has made peace with her life. She has known sadness and loss. She is surrounded by those she loves and those who love her and she takes comfort in this. She is understandably shocked when the son of a close friend challenges her ownership of her beloved property. Unexpected guests appear at her door, each with their own history. There is suspicion a murder may have occurred and the appearance of a mysterious stranger adds a new dimension to her life. Does Maggie have the strength to face what comes next?

The power of this novel comes from well-crafted and wonderful characters and their dialogues. The reader is carefully immersed into Maggie’s world and we feel as though we are sitting at the kitchen table with her and her friends. Ordinary life is turned into something special at every turn in this beautifully written story. I found this to be a moving and complex novel. Highly recommended. ~ Evie, Amazon Reviewer

Best Book I’ve Read in a Long Time

Stately 1940's Victorian House

About The House Guest, Marichus Real says, “It’s a book that makes you think about life and death and about giving thanks for all the people you love and the joyful times you’ve had with them. Easy to read, The House Guest by Deborah Norris is one of those books you want to finish in order to know what happens next, but at the same time, you feel sad finishing it because you’ve so enjoyed reading it. It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time. I would highly recommend to all readers. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.”


Never a Dull Moment

Victorian CornerAbout The House Guest, Tony Parsons writes: “A very well-written historical fiction novel. It was very easy for me to read/follow from start to finish with never a dull moment. There were lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists/turns and a great set of unique characters to keep track of. This would also make another great historical family fiction movie, or mini TV series. A very easy rating of 5 stars.”

Old Time Grace

Front Porch


The House Guest by Deborah Norris is a relaxing novel with Maggie Davis as the protagonist; owner of a grand Victorian Manor turned to a bed and breakfast. Her daughter Jenna and her outspoken neighbour Lee are her two lifelines which keep her moving; along with a few newcomers who frequent this manor bringing with them tales of their own.

The quaint Tilden town, the conversations and discussions of the house guests around the kitchen table, and the screen door shutting at the back porch of Maggie’s home and the kitchen door swinging open; perfectly reflects old time grace. The story connects the readers to the importance of culture and to value family ties.

The author’s colorful writing style reflects actual events which occur in our lives someday or the other, engaging me till the end and I would highly recommend this book to all who enjoy nostalgia with a tint of humor and a bit of mystery as well.  ~ Pervin Bharucha, Amazon Reviewer