The Kitchen Table

Country Cottage KitchenThe kitchen table.  In my family, it was here that important discussions had their genesis.  Opinions were readily expressed on religion, politics, family values, money matters, raising children, taking care of the elderly, education, social responsibility and death.  Typically, the children listened, and the adults talked.  That said, at a very young age I had a clear idea of the persuasions, perspectives and prejudices of those who sat around the kitchen table with their cups of strong, black coffee.  Occasionally, discussions were heated, and tempers flared.  For emphasis, there was an occasional smack of the hand on the table top.  But, at the end of the day these same strongly opinionated kinfolk showed their unending love and respect for each other with hugs, kisses and goodbyes – until the next spirited visit took place.

Sweet Remembrances

CaptureFallBeautyHaving entered the autumn season of my life, I often sit in thoughtful solitude as golden memories drift through my mind like colorful falling leaves. I ponder each and every one, drawn into the glorious fragrance of sweet remembrances. There is comfort in the simple things, a calm in the knowledge that everything will change.  Having lived long enough to more fully understand the circle of life, the seasons now bring a certain kind of hope.  ~ Deborah L. Norris

The Beauty of Forgiveness


Did you know that forgiveness carries with it a myriad of health benefits? By releasing anger and resentment you can actually reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve heart health, and therefore extend your life. Holding on to anger is linked to heart disease and stroke, possibly taking years from your life. If you truly want to live longer and be healthier, don’t wait for someone else to take the first step. Be the initiator and extend the hand of forgiveness. When you forgive others unconditionally—without expectations—you are generating ultimate mind and body health.